About us


  • Consulting all levels ranging from Domestic to Industrial in the LPGas industry
  • Testing and Issuing of Certificates of Compliance for LPGas
  • On selling a house that has any form of gas appliance which is in any form connected to a Gas Installation, the seller has to supply the buyer with a current (COC) Certificate of Compliance for Gas installations (As one would need for electrical installations).
Service/repair and maintenance to any gas appliance LPG or Natural gas

Service repair or maintenance includes:
  • LPGas fridges
  • Gas Stoves current and old (Domestic and Commercial)
  • Gas Water Heaters (geysers) current and old
  • Gas Hobs current and old (Domestic and Commercial)
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Boiling Tables (Commercial)
  • Tilt tops (Commercial)
  • Fryers (Commercial)
  • Grill's (Commercial)
  • Etc..
Gas Installations of the following: Domestic and commercial
  • Gas fire pits
  • Gas garden lighting
  • Gas Braais
  • Gas Stoves and Hobs - both internal (cupboard) and external installations
  • Gas Fireplaces (both Flued and Flueless) – the cleanest method of heating your home
  • Gas Water Heaters (Geysers) - the advantages over electric geysers are that- they are highly efficient
  1. - hot water is endless (Good for winter times) 
  2. - gas is a green energy source
  3. - there is no danger of a burst geyser

All installations come with a workmanship warranty if any appliance is installed and are installed to South African National Standards.

Appliances will have manufacture