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Gas Installations

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Can I have a gas supply for my hob/stove in the kitchen?

Yes a 9kg cylinder in a cupboard either next to the hob or another cupboard usable. But not underneath the hob. The cupboard must be vented for dispensation of any gas that might leak from the cylinder.

If I have my gas supply outside my house can it be anywhere?

Yes although the following conditions apply

  • Minimum of 1 meter from a door or window
  • 2 meter from an open drain (Does not include storm-water drains)
  • 5 meter from an electrical source i.e. air-conditioning unit, pool pump, plug point, mains switchboard
  • 3 meter away with a built double brick firewall from a thatch roof.

Do I need 1 or 2 gas cylinders?

- Depends on the system and installed components/appliances. One is fine for a stove or hob
- Two 48kg cylinders are preferable for a Gas water heater or fireplace as you don’t want to run out of gas just as you are taking a shower more so in the middle of winter! 


There is no charge for quoting on site for Installation requirements unless you are more than 25km in radius from Roodepoort there will be a call out fee incured of R250 -R650 depending on where you are.

Gas Certificate (COC) - for existing installation - R1150.00 (including call out.) The System will be examined to ensure it is compliant and that none of the pipes or mechanics have been damaged or perished. The System will be pressure tested. Should the System not be compliant, a quote to correct it will be given then only after the work is done or if it conforms a certificate of compliance will be issued.

Basic Gas Installation - (Outside) - R3200.00. Basic installation(back to back) includes 2-3 hours labor a 4kg Gas Regulator, shut off valve, 4 - 5 meter piping, gas certificate and mechanics.

Indoor Gas Installation - (Cupboard) - R1900.00 Includes Regulator, up to 2m piping, gas certificate and mechanics.

The hob/stove will be adjusted, leveled and tested a leak test will be performed on completion of the installation a Compliance Certificate issued on final completion.

!Note this does not include the gas cylinder!

NB.Larger Installations are based on the requirements of the customer and are quoted according to size and amount of meters for individually. 


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