Welcome to DJ Technical Consultants your professional LPGas consultants, Gas Installations technicians and gas appliance service / maintenance technicians for professional gas installations, gas appliance repair or in need of a gas certificate in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Sandton, East rand and West rand don't look any further than here we are qualified to do any installation at any residents or commercial property with over 30 years of experience in the LPG industry.

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Consulting all levels ranging from Domestic to Industrial in the LPGas industry

Testing and Issuing of Certificates of Compliance for LPGas

On selling a house that has any form of gas appliance which is in any form connected to a Gas Installation, the seller has to supply the buyer with a current (CoC) Certificate of Compliance for Gas installations 

(As one would need for electrical installations).

Service/repair and maintenance to any gas appliance LPG or Natural gas

Service repair or maintenance includes:

LPGas fridges

Gas Stoves current and old (Domestic and Commercial)

Gas Water Heaters (geysers) current and old

Gas Hobs current and old (Domestic and Commercial)

Gas Fireplaces

Boiling Tables (Commercial)

Tilt tops (Commercial)

Fryers (Commercial)

Grill's (Commercial)


Gas Installations of the following: Domestic and commercial

Gas Fireplaces (both Flued and Flueless) – the cleanest method of heating your home.

Gas Water Heaters (Geysers) - the advantages over electric geysers are that

- they are highly efficient
                                    - hot water is endless (Good for winter times)
         - gas is a green energy source 
                     - there is no danger of a burst geyser

Gas Stoves and Hobs - both internal (cupboard) and external installations

Gas Braais

Gas garden lighting

Gas fire pits

All installations come with a workmanship warranty if any appliance is installed and are installed to South African National Standards.

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